From my “why” to your “what”

For those of you who read my first post, you have already heard a bit about why photography is so important to me. In a nutshell, I am most grateful for the ability to create and record precious memories for my children and family members.

I have made photobooks and slideshows for over a decade and always love seeing the look on people’s faces as they relive some favorite memories. It has become a passion to develop and preserve memories for others. This includes you and this is how my “why” becomes your “what.”

What do you wish to hold on to? What is the essence of your family? What is the relationship like between you and your spouse or between your children and their grandparents? How have you preserved these memories for your children? For their children?

I love to design and develop experiences. I want you to walk away with beautiful images that are tied to equally beautiful memories. When you see the picture of grandpa laughing, I want your children to remember what it sounds like. I want to capture images that represent the feeling your children have when they give you the biggest squeeze they can, so when they see it, they feel it! It’s what I want for my children and it’s what I want for yours as well. If it’s what you want, let me help you kale it happen.

“The best thing about memories is making them.”

Song: “Tenerife Sea” is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was co- written by Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid and Foy Vance, and features production from Rick Rubin. The song was released on 20 June 2014 as part of his second studio album, x.

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